An exercise in free speech: Birzeit University holds annual Student Debate

Three rounds of questions by Dean of Student Affairs draw focus to student blocs’ achievements and plans

Birzeit University held its annual Student Debate, part of the three-day Student Council elections, on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The debate, which has garnered widespread interest over the years, highlighted political, social, and student issues and affairs. 

Four student blocs participated in the debate this year: the Martyr Yasser Arafat bloc, the Democratic Progressive Student Pole, Al Wafaa Islamic Bloc, and the Student Unity Bloc. 

The debate comprised three rounds, in which representatives of each bloc answered a number of questions posed by Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al Ahmad. The questions mainly covered the blocs’ achievements over the past year, electoral platforms, and future plans. 

“Birzeit University’s annual Student Council elections has become a defining feature of the university and an exercise in democracy that truly epitomizes its values and vision,” remarked Al Ahmad. 

The Student Council elections at Birzeit University are spread over three days: the Electoral Campaign day, when blocs display their electoral platforms and showcase their achievements; the Student Debate day, when blocs debate before the university’s community; and the Elections day, when the student body votes to choose a Student Council that represents them.