Exchange Programs Announced in Arab Universities Forum

The Deanship of Students Affairs of Birzeit University participated along with 10 other universities in the 22nd Arab Universities Forum held in Egypt on May 9-11, 2016.Held at Al- Fayoum University, the Forum aims at offering internship and exchange opportunities with the regions' universities through creating higher- education partnerships. The participating universities are from Palestine, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Iraq and Egypt.The Dean of Students Affairs at BZU Mohammad Al Ahmad said that this forum can help featured a variety of different platforms for thoughtful discussions and constructive engagement. "Higher education is a key actor in the production and dissemination of knowledge. However, the challenge facing the higher education sector in the Arab world is that it has not kept pace with the shifting demand for human capital.""Exchange programs can help overcome this challenge", Al Ahmad continued. "We strive to offer our students  opportunities to accumulate their knowledge and kick-start their careers. Getting to know other cultures, forms of education can enhance our students abilities in research, innovation and creativity."