The Ethnographic and Art Museum at BZU organizes a lecture on “Art Fund International”

The Ethnographic and Art Museum at BZU organized on 24 February 2011, a lecture on " Art Fund International, Contemporary Collecting initiative" organized in cooperation with the Palestinian Art Court (Al-Hoash), within a specialized workshop on museums.

The Lecturer, who is the Director of the New Art Gallery Walsall, Gallery in the UK, Mr. Stephen Snoddy, addressed the museums' acquisition policies of art collections in the 21st century Metropolis in light of social change and urban development.

Mr. Snoddy explained that "big cities" was and still is home for the pioneers of Arts and a springboard for transformations of contemporary art, and from here comes the "Art Fund International" to broaden the western cultural perspective of a universal idea,

This lecture comes within the Museum's intention to expand perceptions on contemporary art and art practice, and its relationship to man, place and constant change, since the theme of this lecture is in harmony with the program of exhibitions at the Museum, specifically with the "city fair" program.