Envoy Talks Entrepreneurship on Campus

The Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Business and Economics hosted the successful Palestinian entrepreneur, Palestine’s Ambassador to the Palestinian House in Silicon Valley, Mohammad Ibrahim.

Ibrahim presented a lecture addressing students on the know-hows of entrepreneurship entitled “Early Interventions for Entrepreneurship from Birzeit to Silicon Valley: How to Become an Entrepreneur.”

“One of our goals at the Business and Economics Faculty is to learn from how different communities around the world are approaching and implementing strategies to support young entrepreneurs,” Dean Grace Khoury said. “We are keen on hosting innovative Palestinians here in Birzeit University so they can share their experiences with our students.”

“The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the members of Birzeit University is always there for the pursuit of learning, research, and supporting students’ ambitions and innovative skills,” Khoury said.

Ibrahim talked about the importance of innovation in achieving sustainable development in Palestine, and how scientific research, practical training and change of expertise are the backbone of building an intelligent, innovative generation that will positively contribute to their local communities.

Ibrahim shared his experience at the Palestinian House in Silicon Valley Program (PHSV), which aims to increase the success potential of innovative Palestinian enterprises by developing a training program.

“Ideas are plenty but somebody has to encourage you to improve them, give you confidence and tell you whether your model is scalable and how to achieve scale. That’s what Silicon Valley did with me,” Ibrahim told the students. “I’ve learned how to take chances and not be afraid of failure. I shared my idea, worked hard with the team to make my ambition come true. You do the same.”  

Mohammad Ibrahim is the U.S. Ambassador for the Palestinian House in Silicon Valley Program (PHSV), where he manages the program. He is an entrepreneur and co-founder of a Silicon Valley-based startup that provides the safest and most natural alternative form of sugar to the world. Prior to this role, he did Business Development at PITME (Progress In Technology Middle East), which was started to help entrepreneurs in the Middle East build companies, create opportunities, introduce a taste of Silicon Valley and get startups connected to clients, investors and partners. Ibrahim graduated university with a B.S. in Finance and Economics from the U.S. and completed part of his studies in London.