Environmental protection workshop lays groundwork for country’s first environmental commission

Environmentally-conscious students and professors from Birzeit University met in a workshop to discuss the role of youth in protecting the environment and the university’s memorandum of understanding with the Environment Quality Authority, on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. 

During the workshop, organized by the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies and attended by members of the university’s Environment Club, the participants discussed the biggest challenges to Palestinian environmental protection efforts and increasing role of youth in overcoming those challenges.

The workshop also saw the students, professors, and Environment Quality Authority representatives explore launching the country’s first environmental commission, along with a 10-student committee at the university that will set the strategies and by-laws of the commission. 

Rashed Al-Sa´ed, director of the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies, said the workshop was a step forward in joining the environmentally-friendly efforts of Birzeit University’s community and establishing an official front for environmental protection actions and activities. 

Ayman Abu Thaher, director general of environmental awareness at the Environment Quality Authority, briefed the attendees on the situation of the environment in Palestine, noting the distinct role of each segment of the society in preserving the Palestinian environment and the importance of youth participation in any environmental protection strategy.