The Electrical Engineering Dept. at BZU holds a lecture on “Elevators and Escalators”

On 6 April 2011, the Electrical Engineering Dept. at BZU held a lecture on "Elevators and Escalators," delivered by the Instructor at the Dept., Eng. Hussein Zeitawi.

At the beginning of the lecture, Eng. Zeitawi noted that the technology used in the elevators is in continuous development, in addition to the principles of safety and security. and their importance in the speed of movement within buildings, hospitals, universities .... etc..

The topics of the lecture were: types of elevators and escalators, international brands, mechanical and electrical parts, types of machines, installation procedures, control boards, safety equipment and contracts.Listen

The lecture was followed  by questions and a discussion among the audience of students and faculty members from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Dept. as well.