Ecuador Representative Discusses Cooperation in International Studies

Ecuador's Ambassador to Palestine Javier Santos Plazarte visited Birzeit University on November 17, 2016 and met with President Abdullatif Abuhijleh and the director of the Office of External Affairs Amir Khalil.

Plazarte expressed his country's interest in enhancing academic ties and cooperation with academic entities in Palestine. He pointed out that Ecuador aspires to develop a program on Middle Eastern Affairs in its universities, and have exchange programs between the two countries.  

Abuhhijleh said that the university is committed to contributing to national and international development. "We strive to create a community with interactive links with our peers in the world. Ecuador has always been a great supporter of Palestine, therefore, it is vital to expand our academic networks with our friend and be receptive and responsive to the international environment."

Khalil described the university's main programs, including the Palestine and Arab Studies Program (PAS), which the university offers for international students. "The program combines an experience of language and Palestinian culture. Ecuadorian youth would have the opportunity to learn our culture and dialect in a three-month intensive, yet exciting program."

Khalil underscored the university's efforts to advocate internationalism through the expansion of international academic networks and bilateral relationships. "Cooperation is must for excellence in teaching, research and a vibrant nation."