Dutch media delegation visits the Media Department at BZU

A Dutch media delegation comprising  academics and students from the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands visited the Media Department at BZU on 22 January 2011, to learn about the Department and discuss the possibility of cooperation and coordination between the two  parties.

The delegation met with a number of media teachers and students during  a panel discussion in which students' personal experiences from both universities were reviewed.
Moreover, they  discussed how the Dutch media covers the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, where the guests were shocked from the fact that the Dutch media does not convey the realities on the ground, especially the suffering of the Palestinians from the wall, settlements, demolition of houses and confiscation of their land. The guest delegation expressed  their desire to prepare press stories about the suffering of the Palestinians to be published in the Dutch media

As an encouragement for the Dutch journalists, the Department has selected a group of students to accompany the Dutch journalists to enable them prepare press reports in order to convey the reality of citizens' suffering from the wall, checkpoints and other obstacles imposed by the occupation.

The Chairperson of the Media Department, Dr. Walid Shurafa,  welcomed the guest delegation  and expressed his wish that this visit will be an introduction to an  academic cooperation between the two universities, both at the level of exchange of experiences and  academic student exchange.