Dr. Ibrahim Musa participates in the International Conference of Mathematics in France

Member of the academic body of the Department of Mathematics at Birzeit University Dr. Abdulrahim Mousa at the 29th International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications Held in Paris, France, 24-28 June 2024

The conference was attended by a selection of international researchers in the fields of mathematics and its various applications, especially in the field of biology, epidemiology, gaming theory, economics, physics and engineering

This conference was organized by the International Society of Difference Equations – ISDE

The following French universities participated in the organization of this conference:

Sorbonne Université

University Côte d’Azur

Birzeit's participation in the conference came through the presentation of Dr. Moses for his scientific paper: Hysterical dynamics of player’s behaviour in a welfare coalition game.

This was explained by Dr. Mousa's presentation is the product of the supervision of the Master of Mathematics thesis of student Patricia Za'arab, whose message will be discussed this summer, where the research was accepted for publication last week under the name of:

Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics series.

Editors: Wirot Tikjha, Saber Elaydi, and Laura Gardini.