Dr. Hana Nasir Welcomes Newly Appointed President of Birzeit University Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh, Meets Board of Trustees

Chairperson of Birzeit University’s Board of Trustees Dr. Hana Nasir and his deputy chairperson Dr. Mamdouh al-Aker Tuesday met with the newly appointed President of Birzeit University Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh and members of the university’s board of trustees after Abu Hijleh assumed his duties on August 1, 2015.  

Dr. Nasir welcomed Abu Hijleh and the members of board, especially the new members and affirmed that the board of trustees and the university function as one body, all within their capacity, for the greater good and interest of the university to reach the best level possible. Dr. Nasir tackled the challenges facing Birzeit university as well.

Meanwhile, Dr. al-Aker affirmed the importance of conducting regular meetings in which all partners and workers join to study the university’s strategic plans for the next five years, in order to keep everyone up to date on the latest developments in the University and provide an opportunity for everyone to be involved in determining and implementing the university's best interests.

On his part, Abu Hijleh said he views his upcoming responsibilities with deep care and professionalism, stressing that he will strive to maintain the basic pillars of Birziet University, most importantly the liberal atmosphere, freedom of expression and the university's independence within the campus and among its staff and students.

He later addressed several significant academic issues such as providing new programs or opening new colleges, with the careful planning for such steps.

Prior to concluding the meeting, several members of the trustees’ board shared their insight regarding the future of Birziet University and suggested ways to advance the university and its programs.  

It is to be noted that an official inauguration ceremony for Dr. Abu Hijleh will be held at the beginning of the new academic year early September, which is one of Birzeit University’s longstanding traditions.