Dr. Grace Khoury Co-Authors Book on Palestinian Executive

Recently published by Gower
Publishing Company in the UK, “The Palestinian
Executive: Leadership under Challenging Conditions” was co authored by Grace C.
Khoury and Farid A. Muna. Khoury, who is a faculty member at the
Business Administration and Marketing Department, is also Director of BZU’s MBA

The book interviews over one hundred Palestinian executives in an effort to
examine successful leadership styles in Palestine, a place characterized by “challenging


reviewer, Sam Bahour, who is Managing Partner at the Palestinian firm Applied Information Management,
commended the book for offering “A truly unique view into Palestine’s business
world and the complex reality that Palestinian business executives face on a
daily basis to maintain an economy of survival. This rare look into the fabric
that makes up the robust network of Palestinian executives evokes feelings of
respect for their persistence, as well as hope that once the Israeli military
occupation collapses, Palestine is well-equipped to flourish among the world’s
developing economies.”


publishers have also put out an e version of the book. For more information, please visit: