Discussion Presents History of Student Movement Media

In tandem with an exhibit of political posters from private collections, the Birzeit University Museum organized on February 3, 2014, a discussion on media discourse in posters by the student movement over different historical stages.

Minister of Culture Anwar Abu Eisha and Birzeit University Vice President for Advancement Ghassan Khatib participated in the event.

Minister Abu Eisha addressed the role of the political poster in formulating media discourse abroad, focusing on his experience as former head of the General Union of Palestinian Students in France. He said that the union sought to encourage artists to make Palestinian posters, and institutionalize their work within the framework of a trade union, in order to present the Palestinian version of history, supported by its legality.

VP Khatib talked about the role of Palestinian universities and student movements, most notably the Birzeit University student movement, in political work. Speaking of the political poster at home and abroad, Khatib said that the local student movement focused on posters related to the Palestinian issue, and highlighted the struggle for survival between the Palestinians and the Israeli occupation, focusing especially on resisting the settlements, while posters abroad focused on the armed resistance, more formal logos and presenting the freedom fighter.