Diploma Program to Strengthen Law and Security Staff

A diploma program intended to develop the institutional capacities of law and security staff members was launched on March 25, 2016 by the Center of Continuing Education of Birzeit University.

Funded by the United Nations for Development and Planning (UNDP), this course serves to enhance capabilities in institutional management and enhance the competency, capability and effectiveness among Palestinian lawyers and security staff. It aims at improving management methods used in institutions, achieving transparency and good governance, and enhancing participants’ abilities in policies analysis, conflict transformation and advocacy.

“Part of our mission at the Center of Continuing Education is to provide the Palestinian community with the resources it needs to succeed and prosper,” said CCE head Marwan Tarazi. “Through this diploma program, we provide a number of gateway courses that helps in preparing participants to make law and security institutions more efficient, accountable and transparent.”

UNDP Representative Marisa Kemper said the UNDP seeks to provide institutions with assistance in reviewing their functions and capacities, rationalizing their structures, and building the knowledge and skills of their staff to meet the challenges in the Palestinian institutional system. “This approach aims at contributing to one of our central goals of empowering Palestinians by providing more inclusive, equitable and accountable governance as well as improved services, which can all be achieved through these programs.”