Department of Nursing holds a workshop on "Working with people with audio-visual disabilities”

The Department of Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health Professions held on 18 January 2011, a workshop on "Working with students with audio-visual disabilities, in terms of their "integration in schools", in which Professor Rita Sidoli was the keynote speaker.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Health, private and government schools, NGOs and students of the Department of Nursing.

During the workshop , Professor Sidoli overviewed the educational  plans, in terms of the importance of values and their application as general bases for the society, such as: equality of opportunity, social cohesion, mutual assistance in addition to the protection of marginalized groups in the society.

Dr. Sidoli referred to the three dimensions, focusing on: the barriers of the learning process for those with special needs, visual needs assessment and methods of detection and of the reasons for that, adaptation of curricula and teaching methods, in addition to audio needs assessment in terms of hearing impairment, and the adoption of teaching methods and school curricula.

The Chairperson of the Nursing Department, Basma Salameh, addressed the importance of holding such workshops because of their impact on the local status, in order  to work on  providing the appropriate services for this group, being in line with the Faculty's vision in community service

The attendees unanimously agreed on the importance of enhancing integration of those with special needs in schools, and to increase their opportunities to acquire different skills and achieve academic competence through their interaction with others, in order to strengthen their role in life and society.