Department of Media celebrates its future journalists

42 students lead the way to excellence in journalism

The Department of Media at Birzeit University celebrated the achievements of 42 students who employed their skills and talent to create distinguished material, some of it displayed on the Department’s own website, Birzeit Online. 

Acting Chair of the Media Department Jumane Qunnaise said that the ceremony, held on March 28, 2018, was not a traditional one in which only academically excellent students were celebrated. Instead, the ceremony was held to applaud students who “took the first steps in their academic and professional careers by producing top-notch media coverage, without regard to their academic standing or grade point averages.” 

“Honoring these students,” Qunnaise added, “does not mean that they’re the only distinguished students, but they’re the ones recommended by their professors. There will be more ceremonies in the future, and I’m sure everyone has something to offer.” 

The students’ noteworthy reports, stories, and photographs were showcased during the ceremony, in addition to a rendition of “I am a Journalist,” a song written and composed by students of the Public Relations course. 

After handing out achievement awards to the student honorees, Muna Al-Kurd and Suha Zaben, two media majors, presented a satirical show that mimicked the daily concerns and grievances of media students.