Department of Languages and Translation at BZU holds an orientation session

The Department of Languages and Translation held an orientation session for students on "Studying in the United States," dated 30 November 2010. For this purpose, the Department hosted Cynthia Harvey, the Cultural Affairs Officer at the American Consulate in Jerusalem, who gave a very informative presentation on the topic. Harvey began her presentation by giving the audience an idea about her educational background and her study at the University of Pennsylvania. Then, she talked about her professional experience.

Harvey emphasized the work they do at the consulate to promote better understanding between Americans and Palestinians through cultural and educational exchange. "Every year the American Consulate sends hundreds of students to the United States to visit and learn," Harvey said. "The consulate also brings teachers to Palestine, as part of the cultural exchange program". Then she shed some light on the higher education system in the United States, students' life on campus, focusing on international students, research facilities ...etc

The last part of Harvey's presentation was directed to the students who are interested in studying at the United States. She named some of the scholarship programs available for Palestinian students, and she encouraged anyone who might be interested in applying for a scholarship to visit the Consulate's website which has all the necessary information. "Scholarships are highly competitive" Harvey added, and she advised the students who intend to apply for these scholarships to work hard on their writing and analytical skills in order to stand out and have a better opportunity in getting selected by one of the scholarship programs, offered by the Consulate.

At the end, Dr. Samir Rammal, the Chairperson of the Department of Languages and Translation, thanked Harvey for the useful information she offered.