Delegation from University of Siena to deepen exchanges, broaden cooperation with Birzeit University

As part of the Erasmus+ exchange program, a delegation from the University of Siena in Italy comprised of faculty and staff members, visited Birzeit University on January 26, 2019, and discussed horizons to deepen mutual collaboration. The visit is organized by the External Academic Relations Office at Birzeit University

The delegation, headed by Prof. Gabriele Usberti, former academic coordinator of the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility project, met with the university’s vice president for academic affairs Henry Giacaman, and the director of the external Academic relations office Amir Khalil. The delegations were introduced to the history and mission of Birzeit. Giacaman also talked about the program and academic courses it offers.

Birzeit University and the University of Siena are preparing to announce for the new call for mutual exchange for the second semester of the academic year 2018/2019. Both parties discussed the possibilities of expanding their cooperation, which started in 2015, to include more faculty and staff members, in addition to organizing joint seminars, conferences and researches. They also explored the possibility of creating a double degree program that allows students from Birzeit University and/or the University of Siena to register as regular students at both universities simultaneously and obtain degrees from both.

Comprised of academics specialized in human and social sciences as well as earth and the environment, the delegation met with the assistant professor at the Department of Economics Mohanad Ismael, the assistant professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction Anwar Abdel Razeq, and the assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies Rami Salameh.

Daniela Rossi, an employee at the Human Resource Department at the University of Siena, met with the Director of the Human Resources Department Mohammad Abdul Muhsin, where they discussed the retirement laws and regulations implemented in Palestine and Birzeit University in particular.

Since the beginning of the cooperation with the University of Siena in 2015, four students and around six faculty members from Birzeit University have benefited from the exchange opportunities to Siena, whereas six students have come to Birzeit University from the University of Siena, where they enrolled in its academic programs and conducted researches.

During the visit, Fabio Mugnaini, a professor of European ethnology, performance anthropology, and history of folklore at the University of Siena, led a seminar on everyday life, tradition, and heritage policies in Italy.