The Deanship of Student Affairs at BZU organizes a series of activities and workshops

The conclusion of an awareness workshop "Women's rights are human rights"

The Deanship of Student Affairs at BZU in cooperation with the Women's Center for Legal and Social Aid concluded on 24 February 2011, an awareness workshop on women's rights are human rights, in which 25 students of all faculties have participated.

The distribution of certificates event commenced with an opening address by the Acting Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Al-Ahmed, who welcomed the guests and valued the efforts undertaken to  raise awareness of women's rights in terms of human rights. He thanked the Women's Center  for their cooperation in holding this workshop, calling for continued cooperation between the Centre and the University.

The Program Director at the Women's Center, Ms. Wijdan Jabr,  was pleased about the Palestinian youth, where BZU students demonstrated a high degree of awareness and cooperation.

The Social Worker, Ms. Haifa Al-Sabasi Naser, expressed her  pleasure  to see   BZU students joining  such workshops, since they lead to empowerment, enhancement of self-confidence, and contribute to the process of change in Palestinian society.

BZU holds the 1st meeting for the voluntary work committee at the Palestinian universities

Moreover, the Deanship of Student Affairs held the 1st meeting of the Preparatory Committee for voluntary work , which was attended by the Arab-American University, An-Najah National University, University  of Palestine, al-Quds, Bethlehem, Hebron and Polytechnic, in addition to the Ministry of Education, Health, Agriculture, as well as  the Ministry of Youth and Sports, UNDP, UNV and Sharek Youth Forum.

The participants have agreed to develop a clear vision for the joint work plan for this year, aiming to promote volunteer work in Palestine in partnership with the local and international community-based organizations, and to work on raising awareness among generations of the importance of volunteer work and to maintain the Palestinian heritage, in addition to deliver a message to those concerned bodies to support all activities and to contribute to raising the spirit of volunteerism