Creativity Meets Work space: Thinking Design Workshop

The Palestine-India Techno Park, in cooperation with Build Palestine, held the “Thinking Design Workshop” on October 14. The workshop, which hosted ten Palestinian startups (, BirHakaya, Kenz, Safarjal,, Careem, SocialDice, Mashvisor, Souktel, and Founder Therapy), aimed to empower startups and understand their workspace needs, whether technical, technological, or managerial.

The Indian Ambassador to Palestine, Anish Rajan, began the workshop with a speech in which he reiterated India’s support for the technology sector and all projects, which aim to build it up, citing the Palestine-India Techno Park as a prime example of that continued support. He added, “Technological startups will constitute a very big part of Palestine’s future, and I encourage all techno-entrepreneurs to take advantage of the many benefits that the Techno Park will offer once it is completed.”

Members of the Techno Park’s board of directors – Alaa’ Alaa’ El Din, Jamil Daher, and Sa’ed Abed El Hadi –  and staff were also present at the workshop to introduce attendees to the park and its goals and strategies.

The workshop incorporated the startups in the workspace design of the Techno Park building, with the goal of identifying the most innovative and space-saving design. To further that aim, a competition was set-up, with each startup detailing its vision for the best design.

At the end of the workshop, each startup made a presentation detailing the real-life situations and problems that established companies and startups alike face, and proposed solutions incorporating each startup’s idea for creative workspace design that maximizes utility while preserving Techno Park aesthetics. A panel of engineers Nour Al-Far, Zeyad Al-Mimi, and Ameed Abed El-Salam judged the proposals and presentations according to a set criteria based on creativity, distinction, and uniqueness.

The winners, announced by the Indian Ambassador himself, were the Safarjal and SocialDice teams, who were awarded their own office space for a year in the Palestine-India Techno Park building.