Conference on Human Dignity and the Life of Palestinians

On 28 March 2012, the Initiative on
Judicial Independence and Human Dignity (KARAMAH) at the Institute of Law (IoL)
held its three-day conclusive conference on “Human Dignity and the Life of

The opening ceremony was attended by
Chief Justice Farid al Jallad, Chairman of the High Judicial Council (HJC); Dr.
Khalil Hindi, BZU President; Dr. Alan Wildeman, President of the University of
Windsor (UWindsor); Chris Greenshields, Canada’s Representative to the
Palestinian Authority; and Dr. Ghassan Faramand, IoL Director.

After announcing the launch of the
Windsor-Birzeit Initiative on Dignity, Dr. Hindi noted: “This is an
international, interdisciplinary partnership that brings together researchers from
both universities. It will be further expanded to include researchers from
other universities and countries.”



Chief Justice al Jallad stated: “This
conference will contribute to transforming human dignity from conceptual and
theoretical norms into a practical application that should positively reflect
on both citizens and litigants.”

Dr. Wildeman commended the successful
partnership between UWindsor and BZU. “At this time as KARAMAH announces the
near closing of its activity, I would like to bring glad tidings of signing the
Windsor-Birzeit Initiative on Dignity, which will complement KARAMAH’s action
and build on the successful cooperation between UWindsor and BZU,” Dr. Wildeman

Greenshields articulated his pleasure
with such initiatives, which aim to consolidate values of dignity and good
governance. He reiterated the Canadian Government’s role in supporting the
Palestinian people, as well as its relentless endeavours to build and develop
Palestinian institutions, especially in education and justice sectors.

Over three days, the Conference
addressed the concepts and applications of dignity in various areas, including
law, philosophy, international studies, architecture, community health and
gender. A number of highly esteemed judges, academics, multidisciplinary
researchers, as well as representatives of the justice sector and civil society
took part  in the event. Distinguished
UWindsor academics and high-profile Canadian judges, who have jointly worked
with KARAMAH, also participated in the Conference.

Implemented in partnership between
IoL and Windsor Law School, KARAMAH has benefited from the financial
support of the Government of Canada provided through CIDA.