Conference at BZU Discusses Psychological and Mental Health Intervention Strategies in Palestine

An understanding  and assessment to the social and political settings in Palestine and insights on the contributions made by the Palestinian counseling entities to promote psychological and social well-being during crisis discussed in a conference, held at Birzeit University on April 16, 2016.

Organized by the Deanship of Students Affairs, the conference  brought together  a number of psychological experts, representatives from Palestine Red Crescent,  Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture and the Palestinian Counseling Center

 “ Birzeit University is keen to see more psychological contributions in implementing it health strategy”,  university President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh said.  He emphasized the importance of getting more help of psychology in reducing depression, anxiety and stress especially during the political violence that Palestinian youth and children go through.

Keynote speakers spoke about counseling centers experiences in offering psychological services, especially for youth who suffered from the Israeli occupation.  Suggestions to implementing and enhancing prevention and intervention strategies and programs were addressed in the concluding session.