Computer science lecturer links gaming with education

Birzeit University computer science professor Mamoun Nawahdah explored in a February 21, 2017 lecture how games can be used as a teaching method to improve learning outcomes.

Nawahdah explained to the audience the term “gamification,” which first appeared in business marketing for brand promotion, and is now integrated into different disciplines such as education, training, media and health.

Nawahdah said that, despite the different types, goals and techniques of games, they all have common features, including collection of points by a player, the level he\she aspires to reach, the player’s ranking, and concepts of challenges and rewards. These features, according to Nawahdah, make learning through games much more entertaining, motivating and exciting.

“Today, we are using this old-new practice. Gamification exists in our daily life practice and now is in our lives through technology,” Nawahdah added. “Teachers can use gamification as method to motivate students to learn. With increased engagement, activation and entertainment, an improved learning outcome will be achieved.”