Competition For Creativity and Women’s Rights Awareness Concluded

The Media Department at Birzeit University and “Inheritance Denied” project organizers have revealed, on March 30, 2016,  the winners of the recent media competition which aimed to raise awareness on women’s continued denial of inheritance rights in Palestine.

Students were asked to send a media production for their own in three categories of their choice: a TV report, an article or a short story. Competitors had to convey- through their writings or productions- women’s right to inherit and raise awareness about the extreme challenges women face in owning or having access to the property that is rightfully theirs.

Chairman of the Media Department Bassam Ewaida announced the winners of the competition: Sarah Dajani, for the best TV report, Hanan Beirat for the best short story and Mohammad Abu Rabi’ for the best article.

“Inheritance Denied” is a project organized by Dan Church Aid (DAC), Women’s Affairs Center (WAC),  East Jerusalem Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA),  Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD ), worked with 20 community based organizations in Palestine, to contribute in changing women’s position in the society and to secure their legal rights to own property .