Colombian Academics to cooperate with Abu Lughod Institute for International Studies

A delegation of Colombian academics and officials visited Birzeit University on February 11, 2019, and discussed channels of possible cooperation, focusing on international relations, post-conflict peace-building, and reconstruction studies. The cooperation will be in partnership with Externado University and Rosario University, two of the best universities in Colombia.

Director of Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies Lord Habash and Officer of the External Academic Relations Amir Khalil met with the delegation that included the professors of political science and international relations at Rosario University Fredy Cante and Ana Beatriz Cuervo, professor of conflict and peace studies at the University of Externado Maria Consuelo Ahumada, and the president of the National Union of Banking Employees and Sohpia Espinosa, an employee at the Embassy of Palestine in Bogotá, Columbia.

Khalil briefed the delegation on the history of Birzeit University and presented an overview of the academic programs it offers, focusing on political science and international and gender studies.

Habash explained the work of Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies via its master’s program in international studies and other training and capacity-building programs and diplomas it offers. She expressed her enthusiasm for developing a memorandum of understanding with Colombian universities and academics in the field of peace and conflict resolution and pointed at the possibility of hosting visiting professors from Externado and Rosario universities in the mentioned fields, asserting that “such endeavors will significantly add to the experience of the institute, its students, and faculty members.”

The Colombian delegation discussed ways to enhance cooperation such as programs that would allow academic staff from Colombia to teach at Birzeit University, invite students to continue their education in Colombia, and establish exchange programs and joint academic programs.