In collaboration with BZU, Business Women Forum launches the 1st episode of "Women Models Programme"

In collaboration with the Public Relations Office at BZU, the Business Women Forum in Palestine launched on 10 March 2011,  the 1st episode of the "Women Models Programme", funded by the Vital Voices Institute, focusing on introducing women models, who have succeeded in the business world, in addition to women leaders in decision-making, to talk to students of universities and schools about their experiences, and how they have encountered the difficulties.

The meeting began with a welcome address by Ms. Doaa' Wadi, Executive Director of the Business Women Forum, explaining the objectives and programs of the Forum, as well as the goal of the "Women Models Programme" that will be implemented in a number of Palestinian universities and schools, which comes within the Forum's  strategy, based on investing in young men and women through the development of their abilities, and building a culture of excellence and success, motivating them to be entrepreneurs in their communities.

The program hosted the President of the Board of Directors of the Business Women Forum and Director of the Moghraby  Engineering Consultancies, Engineer Amal Masri Moghrayi, and Ms. Ola Awad, President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Ms. Moghraby emphasized the need to work for a short period before considering the establishment of a special project, in order to study the market conditions and challenges, Ms. Ola Awad stressed on the need to take advantage of training opportunities and volunteer work, since it shapes their characters and build their skills and abilities.