“Cloud Computing” Topic at Google Student Club Lecture

Students were introduced to Google’s Cloud platform, its services, and how to build powerful web applications using Google Cloud technology at a lecture sponsored by the Birzeit University Google Student Club on November 5, 2013. The lecture also sought to promote the Google Cloud Developer.
In his opening address, Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department head Wasel Ghanem highlighted the importance of having Google Student Ambassadors at Palestinian universities and the need for such sessions to raise awareness about today's technologies, especially those used by Google, which is one of the leading companies in the IT world.
5th year Computer Systems Engineering student and Google Student Ambassador Nadine Handal addressed the Google Cloud Developer Challenge, which is a global challenge supported by Google to motivate developers to build applications using the Google Cloud platform. Handal said that such challenges help students learn about modern technologies, gain experience, and most importantly help them think out of the box to develop innovative technologies that benefit their communities.
Software Development Manager at Exalt Technologies Elias Khalil gave an introduction of cloud computing, which is one of the hot topics in the IT industry.
“Google Cloud Platform allows you to use Google's infrastructure for your applications, computing and big data needs,” he said. “So you only have to focus on writing code and the quality of the application and not on the infrastructure."