Classroom Environment Design Graduates Celebrate Completion

Birzeit University’s Ibn Rushd Unit for Educational Development at the Faculty of Education held on August 23, 2014 a closing ceremony for the course, "Planning and Designing the Classroom Environment.” Certificates were awarded to those who completed the training course, which was funded by Save the Children for the third year in a row. The course is part of the project "Inclusive Learning" that is being implemented alongside the Ministry of Education (the Department of School Supervision) and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s School Teaching Program.

Speakers at the event underscored the importance of a teacher's role and its impact on real educational reform. They also expressed the importance of courses that provide the in-service teacher with professional development.

The training course included 66 teachers from public and UNRWA schools, who teach grades one through six.  The trainers were Musa al-Khalidi, Munir Rafidi, Firdous Salameh and Suhair Al-Adawi.

The course covered a variety of topics including planning and designing the classroom environment, strategies for active guidance, and the role of school principals in supporting special education students.