Civil Engineering’s Abdel Monim Oudeh Honored at Germany’s Stuttgart University

Civil Engineering Department emissary Abdel Monem Oudeh has received a Master’s degree in honor and excellence in geomatics engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Oudeh was invited to attend the graduation ceremony, which will be held December 5, 2014, at which one of the most prominent German aerial photography companies, IGI, has announced it will award Oudeh a first place cash prize and offer him the opportunity to complete his graduation research paper at the company.

Oudeh studied civil engineering at Birzeit University from 2007-2012, and worked as a teaching assistant in Birzeit University Civil Engineering Department during the academic year 2012-2013. Later, Oudeh was offered a scholarship to complete his graduate studies in Germany. Currently, Oudeh is working as a research assistant at the Institute of Geodesy - University of Stuttgart.