Chilean Parliamentarians Visit Campus, Meet Faculty & Student Council

A Chilean delegation led by the President of the Parliament Osvaldo Andrade, the President of the Palestinian Club Maurice Khamis and the President of the Parliamentarian Committee of Solidarity with Palestine Patricio Vallespin visited Birzeit University on July 28, 2016. The delegation comprised of members of the Parliament of Chile, journalists and a number of Palestinian community members in Chile.

President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh received the group and explained the challenges facing higher education in Palestine, including the Israeli occupation’s regulations that bar the entry of academics wishing to teach in Palestine and prevent Gaza students from studying at West Bank universities. He also described the difficulties that the university faces in finding enough funding to develop the education sector.

The delegation met with a number of university academics and were introduced to the significant university programs such as the Palestinian Arabic Studies Programs. They also met with the students council representatives, where they shared their experience in a democratic body and their agendas to serve the students and the Palestinian cause in general.