CEO Shweiki Lectures on Architectural Uses of Glass

The Birzeit University Architectural Engineering Department held on November 11, 2014 a lecture entitled "Glass and Architecture," delivered by Hazem Shweiki, executive director of Beit Al-Maqdes Co. LTD. for Glass & Mirrors.

The lecture included an introduction to glass and its uses in construction, thermal insulation and control of solar energy in Palestine, which is very important for students of architecture and how they use glass in their designs.

Shweiki also spoke about the role of the company, “Beit Al-Maqdes Co. LTD. For Glass & Mirrors is a leading wholesaling and processing company specialized in the field of glass trade and applications, and dealing in the import and marketing of all kinds of glass and glass accessories.”

Beit Al-Maqdes is a success story began in 1935 by Rushdi Shweiki,” he said, “a small family business in Jerusalem, which was crowned by the company’s formal establishment in 1993.  Ever since, the company has committed itself to excellence and distinction. “