Center for Continuing Education to develop Syrian refugee educational plan

The Center of Continuing Education at Birzeit University will be working with the International Education Association on a joint program to ensure quality education for Syria’s young refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

The project will enhance the educational services that are offered to young refugees inside and outside the classroom by using digital innovations in academia. Both parties will be developing resources and tools to offer pedagogical digital means of teaching and learning.

Head of the Creativity Unit at the Center, Osama Mimi, said that there are new approaches in teaching that surpass schools and books as the only source of knowledge. “Modern approaches of teaching are essential to fit in with refugee needs.”

Mimi reaffirmed the right of every child to have access to quality education. “The Arab world needs the skills of critical and creative thinking, a young generation that can solve problems efficiently and effectively. We need these skills to survive and be able to compete with the world’s strongest nations.”