Center for Continuing Education at BZU concludes the training program under the entitled: Management and Gender

In cooperation with the Center for Palestinian Women's Studies, Research and Documentation, the Centre for Continuing Education at BZU held long-term training programs, aimed at developing the capacities and skills of individuals within their workplace, focusing on gender issues and the integration of gender issues into the workplace.

The last of these training program was under the title: "Management and Gender,", targeting gender units at the Palestinian ministries, where the idea of training came upon the request of the Ministry of Palestinian Women's Affairs, based on the training needs of these gender units. 

The program consisted of 210 training hours carried out during November 2010 - April 2011, where participants were trained on several topics including: basic management skills, gender issues, strategic planning, advocacy, lobbying and how to communicate with the media. Twenty-two participants from a number of gender units at various Palestinian ministries have participated.

The program also included production of a work manual for the gender units, focusing on addressing some issues related to the units work and the most important concepts and conventions related to women, in addition to the allocation of a special chapter that covers the addresses of the most important institutions working in the field of women.