Center for Continuing Education breaks new pedagogical grounds in Morocco

Representatives from the center introduce the experiential learning objects program at a pedagogical workshop in Rabat, Morocco  ​

Representatives from Birzeit University’s Center for Continuing Education and the Palestinian Ministry of Education recently presented their model on integrating life skills and citizenship in school curricula in a workshop held by the Moroccan Ministry of National Education in Rabat, Morocco.

Dr. Osama Mimi, director of the Unit for Learning Innovation at the Center for Continuing Education, presented the center’s experiential learning objects, specially-designed lessons that incorporate life skills and active citizenship into school curricula, at the workshop. 

“Experiential learning objects are the result of 14 years of planning and research and will constitute the core of the development of a national portal of learning objects for all stages of the education process. This project will not only benefit us here in Palestine but can also be exported and applied regionally,” he said. 

Ahed Ayyash, an education supervisor and learning objects coordinator at the Ministry of Education, emphasized the importance of institutionalizing learning objects in all levels of education. 

“Learning objects bolster the students’ life skills and encourage them to be active citizens in their communities and nations,” he remarked, noting that learning objects strengthen the learning process as a whole. 

Last year, the Center for Continuing Education, together with the Ministry of Education, launched the experiential learning objects program, which coordinated the efforts of educators, supervisors, and experts to create an interactive, engaging learning environment in Palestinian classrooms. 

Attendees at the workshop applauded the experiential learning objects program and called for modeling the Palestinian experience in neighboring countries.