CApitalisation for Re-setting Innovation and Sustainability in MED-Cities (CARISMED)

CARISMED is implemented under the ENI CBC “Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme”. Its total budget is 1.1EURO financed by the European Union through the European Neighbourhood Instrument. CARISMED promotes the uptake of results achieved by five ongoing ENI CBC MED projects to develop policies for improving sustainability and integrating innovation into the urban settings of Mediterranean cities, through the capitalization of circular economy (CE) and creative approaches. A great deal of experience in re-setting the existing environment will be provided by these projects through refurbishment and re-using underutilized or abandoned urban stock.

The overall objective of the project is to develop urban policies for improving sustainability and integrating innovation into the urban setting of Mediterranean cities in order to effectively re-structure living and working conditions.

Specific objectives:

This aim will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • Promoting innovative approaches/CE methodologies for re-setting the built environment at MedCities (both the building shell and its technological and business content) by developing a toolkit/advisory guide on upcycling buildings/areas of the built environment through CCI SMEs clustering.
  • Establishing targeted pilot creative workshops at regional and national level in order to reac involve new target groups/type of stakeholders through expertise outreach and policymakers, local authorities, key sector stakeholders, organizations and SMEs, i.e. cross-border level.
  • Making use of asynchronous e-learning platforms where knowledge and resources pooling results foster the mainstreaming of good practices towards central principles for planning interventions, improve sustainability and integrate innovation of CCI SMEs Clustering into the urban setting at Med-Cities.

Expected Results:

    • At least 8 SMEs of CCI participating in awareness and training activities
    • 8 underutilized or abandoned urban stocks refurbished as a creative studio/lab
    • SMES will upgrade their capacities benefiting from workshops
    • Toolkits and advisory guides published on upcycling buildings and areas


  • Lead Partner: Birzeit University (BZU) – Department Of Architectural Engineering, Birzeit – Palestine

European Partners

    • National Technical University of Athens- NTUA, Attiki – Greece 
    • Business Innovation Centre of Murcia- CEEIM, Spain
    • Center for Economic and Social Research for the South of Italy – CRESM, Sicilia-Italy
    • National Research Council of Italy - Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean, Calambria/ Italy.

Arab Partners

    • Creative collective, Tunis -Tunisia 
    • Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities’ Members in the environmental and educational fields – FPEC, Amman – Jordan  

Project Website: