Call for Papers: Palestinian Refugees: Different Generations but One Identity - Events

The Forced Migration and Refugees Unit
at the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International
Studies (FMRU/IALIIS) - Birzeit
University invites
interested researchers to submit proposals for its annual conference, planned
to be held in mid-November, 2011, dedicated for the discussion of the following
central theme:


Palestinian Refugees: Different
Generations but One Identity

Target Group:


§   Faculty members at Birzeit
University and other

§   Interested researchers.

§   Practitioners in the field of refugees and forced migration.

§   Organizations working in the field.


Studying the evolution of
the social, intellectual, behavioral and psychological identity of Palestinian
refugees, considering changes (if any) in this identity across generations,
along with the involvement of refugees in their communities of residence.

The phenomenon found among
some refugees of moving away from existing stereotypes, such as that of the
victim, and its impact on successive generations.

differences in terms of educational attainment and the desire to learn and

The willingness and
motivation of refugees to work and be productive; the accessibility of job

Available health care and
the utilization of health care facilities.

 The role of refugee women and their
contribution, inside and outside the refugee camps.

Changes in the identities
of the young generation of refugees.

Relations between the
young refugees who emigrated and their relatives. 

Networking between young
refugees, home and abroad.

10. Social and professional mobility within the camps and the role of
refugee women in strengthening this mobility.

The Conference Academic Committee:

Dr. Asem Khalil, Dr. Majdi Malki, and Dr.
Lisa Taraki. Conference Proceedings will be published in book form.


§   A 500-word abstract by July 30th, 2011.

§   Decisions on acceptance by mid-August, 2011.

§   Submission of the first draft (8000-10000 words), no later than
mid-October 2011.

§   Submission of final paper, based on recommendations by the committee,
late October 2011.

Please send your abstracts to the following address: [email protected].


v Travel and lodgings for those coming from abroad will be covered. 

More Information about the conference and the concept, see: