BZU students complete renewable energy research project

A team of students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Birzeit University – Mohammad Bornat, Qassam Farhat, and Issa Abu Fkheideh – completed a 10-month research project under the supervision of Electrical Engineering Professor Dr. Mahran Quraan.

The project revolved around designing and building a new electrical system that uses power electronics to convert electrical energy from one form to another that better suits the electrical grid. The system comprises a variable-level electrical circuit that is used to achieve functional and structural benefits, and converts renewable energy from wind turbines and connects it to the general electrical grid.

This project is a continuation of a scientific research paper published by the students at the International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications, in San Diego, California. The project also focused on presenting a new control system for this circuit that was able to reduce unwanted frequencies and operate the system at a higher level of efficiency.

“The motivation behind this research paper was to drive the wheel of investment in wind-generated energy technology by institutions and individuals. Energy produced in this fashion can be easily harmonized with the existing electrical grid and systems, which would lead to a positive return-on-investment and achievement of self-sufficiency in the electricity sector,” said participants in the study. 

“This system will also limit environmental pollution caused by traditional generators, which is considered a danger to the well-being of individuals – health-wise. In addition to that, it will increase our chances of benefitting from lands already used in environmentally-unfriendly energy generation.”