BZU signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Windsor in Canada

  On 28 February 2011, BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, signed, a memorandum of understanding for academic cooperation with Windsor University in Canada, represented by its President, Professor Alan Wildeman,

It is noteworthy that this agreement comes to expand the existing cooperation between the two institutions, within the scope of implementing the independence of the judiciary and human dignity initiative, "KARAMAH", as a joint initiative between the Institute of Law at BZU and the Faculty of Law at Windsor, University in Canada.

The event was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Adnan Yahya, Vice President for Community Affairs, Dr. Munir Qazzaz, Assistant to the President for International Relations, Dr. Mirvat Bulbul,, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Maher Hashweh,, and co-directors of the project "KARAMAH", Dr. Mudar Kassis from, BZU and Professor Reem Mahdi from the University of Windsor

Dr. Hindi emphasized the importance of signing this memorandum, which comes as part of BZU objectives and its aspirations in community service, and expressed his pride of the successful cooperation in the "KARAMAH" initiative, which aims to support the rule of law and the right of Palestinians to resort to a fair judicial system by strengthening the independence of the judiciary, and entrench the principles of human dignity.

The objective of this agreement is to facilitate and promote cooperation between Windsor and Birzeit in areas such as democracy and human rights, engineering, legal research, health sciences, social sciences, and pedagogy. To this end, the two institutions are committed to:

Actively seek opportunities to build on the expertise developed through the KARAMAH initiative particularly as it relates to critical engagements with the broad themes of access to justice, citizenship and democracy through the lenses of post-colonial jurisprudence and critical human rights

1-Generally pursue opportunities to cooperate in overlapping areas of strength and corresponding needs

2-Seeking out funding to facilitate student and faculty exchanges in the above areas

3-Exchanging information about funding opportunities by establishing communication between Research Services at Windsor and International Relations at Birzeit so that faculty, researchers and students are made aware of such opportunities

4-Encouraging faculty cooperation through on-going research projects, faculty exchanges and seminars 

This memorandum of understanding is valid for 5 years.