BZU President receives a delegation from Russian universities and civil society institutions

BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, received a delegation from Russian universities and civil society institutions, in order to discuss mutual cooperation between the two parties. The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Adnan Yahya, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Dr. Saleh Abdel Jawad, and two faculty members from the Philosophy and Cultural Studies Program, Dr. Mudar Kassis, and Dr. Abdul-Karim Barghouthi, as well as the  professor of English, Dr. Dolly Kuaibni.

Dr. Hindi welcomed the guests, expressed his appreciation for the solidarity of the Russian people with the Palestinian people, particularly with regard to scholarships, from which a large number of Palestinian students have benefited, hoping for more future cooperation and coordination.

On the other hand,  the Vice-President of the Vladimir State University,  Dr. Anzor M.  Saralidze, thanked BZU saying: "We hope that this visit will be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation", noting that she is aware of BZU projects and academic programs, as well as its foreign relations

The Director of Murom State Unuiversity, Dr. Nina Chaykovskeya, expressed her wish to continue cooperation,, especially in the field of education and other fields such as engineering, agro-industries, car industry, medical devices, telecommunications, information technology, construction, chemistry, biology disciplines of humanities and Journalism.

Speakers from BZU emphasized the need for cooperation and closer ties between Russian and Palestinian universities, despite the obstacles imposed by the Israeli occupation on residency permits for Russian visiting professors. They have explained that BZU has been closed for 15 times, one of which lasted four years of closure.