BZU master's student creates wireless signal-boosting sticker

Mo’ayad Rimawi, a student in the Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Master’s Program at Birzeit University, has created a wireless sticker that amplifies the signals in smartphones in a simple, cheap fashion.

The idea, Rimawi said, was born out of the need to amplify the wireless signals of smartphones cheaply and easily. The sticker itself has no electronic circuits, but takes advantage of the signal-boosting properties of some natural materials.

Rimawi is no stranger to invention and creativity. He is the creator of an electronic, smart brick and has developed new cement mixes and moisture-inhibiting mixes.

“The sticker,” explained Rimawi, “is installed in a specific way, and works as a signal receiver. It combines disparate signals and focuses them on the smartphone it’s attached to, or any piece of electronics.”

Rimawi said that the sticker increases signal reception by 2 to 5% and could be used on computers, routers or any device which receives wireless signals.

“There are no stickers like this one in Palestine or in the world,” added Rimawi. “The world is moving toward including electronic circuits, and because Palestine lacks the capabilities to produce electronic equipment and circuitry, I’ve studied the properties of natural materials and utilized them in a piece of equipment that amplifies wireless signals.”

The sticker is passive, i.e., it uses no energy from the battery. In fact, because searching for wireless signals is one of the biggest battery drainers, the sticker actually helps save battery.