BZU Law Graduate Wins Honorary Award for Best Master’s Dissertation from SOAS University

Birzeit University graduate, Tamara Tamimi, and MA law student graduated with an honorary award from the SOAS University of London for the best thesis dissertation.

Tamimi’s thesis focused on the legal implications of Israeli's violent practices against Palestinians, such as house demolitions, house evictions, revocation of residency and imposition of limitations on registration of newborns, based on the resources of international law, and the Charter of the United Nations.  

Tamimi examined whether there is a reasonable basis to believe that crimes with the jurisdiction of the court –genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes- have been committed within the geographic and temporal jurisdiction.

 Tamimi examined the possibility of opening an investigation and likelihood of admissibility and interest of justice, especially after the State of Palestine has acceded to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal court on 1 January 2015, and granting the court retroactive jurisdiction to 13 June 2014.