BZU launches Sina Institute for Knowledge Engineering and Arabic Language Technologies

On 5 January 2011, BZU
announced the establishment of the Sina Institute for Knowledge Engineering and Arabic Language
Technologies, upon the approval of the BZU Board of Trustees.

The launch of the Sina Institute is the culmination of a number of
projects and relevant research, supervised
by a group of researchers at BZU. The
Institute is in the process of completing a number of
projects: most importantly, the Multilingual and
Multicultural Knowledge Sharing and Search Engines (SIERA) in partnership with
a number of European universities; the Google funded project WOJOOD; the
E-Government Academy Project funded by the EU; Arabic Ontology; Semantic Web; and the Process Governance
Project. Moreover, more than 18 refereed articles have been published by the
research team over the past two years.

BZU President, Dr. Khalil
Hindi, noted that the Sina Institute will serve as a core pillar of scientific
research in Palestine, and will also be an
incubator for scientific research
groups at BZU’s Faculty of Information Technology. He added: "The Institute
will seek to enrich human
knowledge with advanced innovative research and applications, with
special attention to Arab and Palestinian-related needs, such
as Arab and legal libraries,
conservation of heritage and
museums, knowledge bases and Arabic dictionaries."


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