BZU Invites Journalists to Discuss Cooperation Mechanism


On 21 February 2012, BZU held a meeting
with journalists and media professionals, aiming to strengthen relations and
open avenues of cooperation between both parties.

The meeting was
attended by BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi; Head of Press Syndicate, Dr. Abdel
Nasser Najjar; General Manager of TV Programs at Palestine TV Station, Emad Al-Asfar;
and the Chairperson of the Media Department at BZU, Dr. Walid Shurafa, as well
as a number of newspaper editors and several members of the University Council.

Dr. Hindi called for
increased support for higher education and the concomitant increase in
the quantity and diversity of disciplines. He noted: “Successful management is
a crucial factor that stands firmly behind the success or failure of human
beings in achieving their goals and objectives.”



He added that the
seriousness of the financial crisis plaguing the universities will make it
difficult to pay staff salaries, if BZU does not receive financial aid, or if the
government does not fulfill its obligations to the universities. He noted that the
situation has become intolerable, and the universities are near the point of
collapse due to this severe financial crisis.

Dr. Hindi explained
that the financial crisis negatively impacts all aspects of university life,
especially in the absence of a higher education strategy in Palestine. He
further stressed the importance of strategic thinking in elevating Palestinian higher
education institutions to the level of world renowned universities.

On his part, Dr. Najjar
commended BZU for its distinctive performance referring to the fact that 80% of
the leaders of various organizations in Palestine are graduates of BZU. He also
highlighted the importance of a strong university leadership in effecting

The meeting
concluded with a discussion of the mechanisms of cooperation between BZU and
the media and the means for consolidating this cooperation.