BZU Graduate Joins The Hague Criminal Investigator Course

Law graduate student Sami Makhalfeh participated in a July criminal investigator course organized by the Institute for International Criminal Investigations (IICI) at The Hague.
The two-week course trained criminal investigators in international crimes, such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and so on.
The intensive course covered several topics: international criminal law, international humanitarian law and human rights.
Several professors at European universities, judges of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, lecturers from the Office of the Prosecutor in the International Criminal Court and forensic doctors from France and the United States all lectured participants on their areas of expertise.
The lectures were accompanied by presentations acquainting participants with work techniques to use with translators and how to interview witnesses and document their statements.
Later, those work techniques were demonstrated by translators from different international criminal courts and the issue of the exploitation of children in armed conflict addressed from the perspective of international criminal law.
The training course was conducted in cooperation with the Dutch Defense Ministry and the Royal Dutch army, which offered lectures in identifying various types of weapons and ammunition and their impacts, how to deal with explosives, and evidence collection and documentation from a mass grave or a crime scene inside an apartment.
Developed through extensive consultation with experts in international investigations and prosecutions, the IICI courses are designed to meet the challenge of 21st century international criminal justice.
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