BZU, Father Consulting cooperate on human resources management training

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University represented by its Dean Dr. Yasser Amouri, and Father Consulting represented by its CEO Hasan Qasem signed an agreement to empower the public administration students’ skills in human resources management.

According to the three-month agreement, students will learn how to work on the Chief People Officer Program in their third or fourth year. The program is designed to train students on human resource management practices and operations.

Dean Amouri said that the Faculty seeks to develop networks and partnerships to prepare its students to be leaders in their future careers. Amouri also emphasized  the Faculty’s commitment towards the Palestinian society, “We are keen to develop and empower the legal, administrative and political infrastructure in Palestine through academia, trainings and research.”

Qasem pointed out that the company seeks to be the house where everyone can find the support to implement their innovative ideas, and to help individuals, especially the younger generation, to achieve their goals in the highest quality and the most feasible way.