BZU discusses new frontiers of cooperation with Lithuania and Rozana Association

The Head of the Lithuanian Representative Office Artūras Gailiūnas and the Chairman of Rozana Association for the Development of Architectural Heritage Raed Saadeh met on June 12, 2017 with the Vice President of Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman, the assistant to the president Abdel Aziz Shawabkeh and the Director of the External Academic Relations Office Amir Khalil. Both parties discussed prospects of cooperation.

Both Giacaman and Gailiūnas stressed their readiness to share expertise, exchange students and faculty within the Erasmus + program, whereas a fruitful cooperation within Birzeit University and Lithuanian universities could be achieved.

Giacaman said that the University is determined for deeper cooperation with the Lithuanian counterparts. “We believe in a reciprocal approach and therefore looking forward to learning from success stories of our academic friends in Lithuania, and to share our own expertise and knowledge in a profound form.”

The University has also expressed its interest in cooperation with the Rozana Association. The underscored Birzeit commitment to it the community’s development. “Through our partnership with local organizations, we will be able to powerfully implement a community-based, socially-responsible approach to develop the community competencies which can as a result improve the quality of life for others.”