BZU Concludes 1st Course in 4th International Information Technology Summer School - News


The BZU Faculty of Information Technology concluded the 1st
course in their International Information Technology Summer School, which was
held for the fourth consecutive year. Both international and local professors
in advanced topics in information technology participated.

The course was entitled "Enterprise Modeling, Service Strategic
Planning & Data Governance.” It began with a module on "Business
Process Modeling" given by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Saheb from the Palestine
Polytechnic University in Hebron. The module introduced Business Process
Modeling with the goal of improving process efficiency and quality.

The second module, given by Dr. Derar Elayyan from the Department of
Computer Science at BZU, was entitled "Enterprise Modeling.” The module
explained Business Systems Modeling as a framework for change, and emphasized
skills in models and simulation using System Dynamics.

The third module, entitled "Service Strategic Planning & Data
Governance," was given by Professor Carlo Batini and Dr. Gianluigi Viscusi
from the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy. The module introduced the
complexity of strategic planning of information systems for services in
countries characterized by different cultures, technological readiness, and
legal framework. The module also introduced data governance as a formal
orchestration for people, processes, and technology to enable an organization
to leverage data as an asset, and discussed issues such as data modeling, data
architecture, schema abstraction, schema integration, and data quality.

The visit by Professor Carlo Batini and Dr. Gianluigi Viscusi came as
part of their work on a project called "Interoperability of e-Governmental
services," or "GovSeer," which is funded by the Italian
government and coordinated by Dr. Mustafa Jarrar from the BZU Faculty of
Information Technology.

The second course in the International IT Summer School begins on Saturday 9
July, with a module given by Professor Hany Ammar from the Lane Department of
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University in the
United States. The title of his module is "Software Architecture." It
will be followed by a module about "Service-Oriented Architectures"
given by Professor Adel Taweel from the University of King's College in London,