BZU celebrates the International Labor Day

Dr. Sami Al-Seyrafi, Vice President forAdministrative and Financial Affairs at BZU, stated that teamwork is the onlyway that enables BZU to fulfill its role and meet all the challenges anddifficulties it may encounter in order to achieve its objectives, as well as safeguardingstudents on the scientific and practical levels, He expressed his deepappreciation to BZU staff and the Jawwal Mobile Company for sponsoring the event

This came during an honorary ceremony,organized by BZU and the Union of BZU Employees to honor their employees on theoccasion of International Labor Day, attended by BZU faculty and staff members,and the Director of Public Relations at Jawwal.
Ms. Eileen Kuttab, Secretary of BZU Union of Employees, assertedthat this event reflects appreciation to BZU faculty and staff members, whoworked on the development of the university, and faced all the obstacles andproblems.

The Master of Ceremony, Ms. Lubna Abdul Hadi, said that theuniversity is proud of its staff, and this celebration manifests a commonstrong bond that links all staff and decision-makers, uniting their concerns,aspirations and their demands, while declaring them in a way that respectsdifferences of opinion.

Dr. Seyrafi awarded plaques for several distinguished staffmembers at BZU, and the ideal department, which supervises, organizes andmaintains the buildings and the infrastructure of its facilities, and that isthe Engineering Office at BZU, in addition to honoring the staff, who servedfor more than 30 years at the university.