A British Parliamentary Delegation visits BZU

On, 5 January 2011, a British parliamentary delegation of the Conservative Party visited BZU, and met with BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, and a number of students, and were briefed on the achievements of the university, and the difficulties and challenges facing students in attaining their desired goals.

Dr. Hindi stressed on the leading role played by the university in establishing friendly relations and supporting scientific, academic and cultural exchange between nations.

He pointed to the importance of this meeting, in terms  identifying the volume of Palestinian suffering in general, and BZU students in particular, in terms of the difficulty in movement, since the Israeli barriers and obstacles have denied their right to education.

Student volunteers in the Right to Education Campaign at BZU spoke about the obstacles they face in their educational attainment by influencing their academic advancement, through the obstruction of educational materials that are used in science laboratories, in addition to their being subject to mass arrests by the Israeli occupation without trial, with  repeated administrative detentions, thanking BZU for offering legal assistance in that respect.