Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Begins on BZU Campus

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Birzeit University will organize a week of activities in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is observed annually in October, on the university campus. The week begins on October 23, and features a number of informative activities and discussions that aims to raise awareness of breast cancer and to support women in their fight against it.  

A human chain, which is expected to span the length of the campus, is the first activity of the campaign. The interlocking hands of the students serve as a reminder to women that the whole community is standing hand in hand with them as they seek early check-ups.

“Let’s Talk,” a public discussion organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs, will be the second activity of the week and will feature Dr. Nisreen Bargouthi discussing breast cancer, its early signs, and methods of detection. The discussion will also feature breast cancer survivors talking about their battles with the disease.

The last activity of the week, “You’re Not Alone,” will feature multiple informative activities and booths that serve to raise awareness of breast cancer in front of the Arts Faculty building. These activities will range from small information sessions to booths handing out breast cancer brochures and pamphlets.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Mohammad Al Ahmad, highlighted the importance of raising awareness of breast cancer, and noted Birzeit University’s community role in disseminating information and awareness over this disease. He said, “Birzeit University has always been at the forefront in raising awareness over issues that affect our Palestinian community, and I believe that there is no bigger issue affecting half of our society than breast cancer. We will always remain committed to the health and livelihood of Palestinian women; they are the life of Palestine.”