Brain Storming Session connects social attitudes with consciousness

The Idea Factory – a Birzeit University student initiative – held on March 18, 2017 a brain storming session discussing the contradiction between a person’s consciousness and his/her actual behavior.

The project coordinator Noora Sumar explained the goal of organizing such sessions: “Participants brainstorm in an inclusive, academic environment that respects all points of view and encourages pluralism and diversity in all facets.”

 “Not being able to connect what we read with what we do will cause harm to the public space that we belong to”, Sumar added.

After the discussion, the participants said that people need to think and act from outside of the box, assuring that our thinking must be towards the public interest and not self-oriented. The students alluded that the conflict between the consciousness and attitudes are relevant to the way that a person is raised, and also due to the social and environmental circumstances that a person might face.

The Idea Factory is a student-led initiative at Birzeit University designed to facilitate answers to one central question: “how can the youth shape their own future?” Participants gather to think, discuss, and produce alternatives for the exclusion and marginalization that they encounter in their daily lives and that has resulted in alienation and apathy.